4 Benefits of Impact Windows

4 Benefits of Impact Windows

Impact windows are almost a must-have when residing in a home in Florida. The many benefits they offer far outweigh the initial installation costs. Read through some of those benefits and contact Aacon Contracting LLC in Broward County to add impact windows to your home!

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Noise Reduction

People who live in a crowded place or near a major freeway understand how unpleasant outside noise can be. Even those who live in peaceful neighborhoods can be distracted by the sounds of yard work equipment and barking dogs. Impact windows from Aacon Contracting LLC will help to soundproof your home and make it quieter and more peaceful indoors.

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Protection From Weather

It’s no secret that Broward County experiences extreme weather patterns. One of the most significant advantages of impact windows is their extreme strength, which allows them to withstand severe weather conditions such as heavy rain and high winds. By providing a protective shield against hurricanes and damage from tropical storms, impact windows can reduce the cost of regular repairs and help keep your home from costly damage.

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Energy Efficiency

Impact windows not only protect your home from storm-related wind, water, and debris, but they also provide insulation. As a result, switching to impact windows is likely to lower your monthly energy bills. New windows, including impact windows, are significantly more energy efficient than windows installed 10 years ago.

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Savings On Property Insurance

Many insurance agencies in Southern Florida have recognized impact windows as some of the most significant windstorm protection systems. As a result, Broward County homeowners may be offered a reduction on their property insurance premiums for installing impact windows, and can even qualify for wind mitigation insurance rebates!

Aacon Contracting LLC has been a top-rated general contracting company in Broward County since 2009. We specialize in installing impact windows and doors to protect your home from unwanted weather damage — look no further when the need arises. Contact us today!

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