Around the House

Okay, so it’s hurricane season. (And I don’t mean the Miami Football Hurricanes, whose first game is with Alabama, in New Orleans, on September 4th!) If you still have the original windows and doors from when the house was built, what will you do when a hurricane is imminent? Put up shutters (If you even have them), screw-on plywood panels that are cut to size, apply duct tape to the glass? Or will you just escape to someone else’s home that has impact windows and doors?

If you plan to stay at home and are considering taping the glass, don’t do it, as it will not help. If you put up either shutters or screw plywood over your openings, these can create issues for you. And, they don’t exactly enhance the curb appeal of your home. With the type of shutters that are bolted on, it can be both difficult and time-consuming to install them into their tracks. With folding shutters, it is easy to close and lock them.

However, if you have the bolt-on shutters or use plywood, and lose power, you are essentially closing the home into near-total darkness. You must then rely on artificial lighting, even during the day. In addition, you would be eliminating the ability to get out of the bedrooms, should the interior door become inoperable or blocked.

Our Florida Building Code requires that all bedrooms must have a second means of escape (Egress) that will lead to the outside without going through a garage. This additional window or door provides an alternative escape route, should it be needed.

If you live in a home that has all impact-rated windows and doors, you won’t need to be concerned with the above activities when a hurricane is heading your way. And, as we all know, this is a likelihood every year here in South Florida. In addition, if you do have impact windows, your home is naturally lighted during the day. And your bedrooms will still have that all-important escape route. With impact products in place, you can simply just sit back and watch the storm!

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