Four Reasons to Update Your Florida Home With Impact Windows and Doors

Four Reasons to Update Your Florida Home With Impact Windows and Doors

Impact windows are designed to be solid and durable, able to withstand heavy winds, storms, and impact. At Aacon Contracting in Broward County, FL, we specialize in hurricane window installation services. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss four reasons you should consider updating your home with impact windows and doors. Contact us to get a free quote!


Improve Energy Efficiency

Impact windows are designed to be airtight and provide superior insulation, which can help keep your home cooler during the hot Florida summers. This reduces your energy costs, as your air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable.


Protect Your Property

High-impact windows provide an extra layer of protection to your home from intruders. The windows are made to be incredibly strong and difficult to break, making them an excellent deterrent to potential burglars.


Protection From Hurricanes and Storms

You should update your Broward County home with impact windows and doors to protect your home during hurricane season. We all know how unpredictable these storms can be during the Florida hurricane season, so it’s best to prepare with hurricane impact windows and doors now. Impact windows can withstand strong winds and flying debris, which will help keep the inside of your home protected from outside elements.


Increased Home Value

Hurricane impact windows are an attractive feature for potential buyers in Florida. They add an extra layer of protection for your home that most other windows don’t, making this an attractive selling point.

Installing impact windows in your Florida home will provide you with year-round benefits, not just during hurricane season! Our team has years of experience installing hurricane windows and doors for homes in Broward County. Make the investment to keep your home secure and contact the team at Aacon Contracting for a free quote on hurricane window installation.

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